Logistics is the overall management of the way resources are moved to the areas where they are required. It can be considered as a tool for getting the Oil and Gas products where they are needed and when they are desired. Logistics and Distribution heavily depend on the proper management and coordination of a product's supply chain for the purpose of increasing efficiency and profitability 

It is difficult to accomplish any marketing or manufacturing without logistical support. It involves the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling and packaging. This integration requires the efficient workforce of a combined team of professionals who bring together their specific skills to achieve the main goal of logistics and distribution which is the geographical repositioning of raw materials, work in process and finished inventories where required, at the lowest cost possible. 

Typically, Supply Chain Management attempts to centrally control or link the production, shipment and distribution of the Oil and Gas products. By managing the supply chain, companies are able to significantly reduce the time and hence provide products faster. By integrating the workforce and processes in different departments, the corporates keep a tighter control of inventories, internal production, distribution and sales. 



Some of the profiles facilitated by GFM BULGARIA EOOD in the midstream activities are for logistic and transportatio. These profiles are listed below:

  • Manager of Supply Chain Transportation
    Director of Transportation and Warehousing
    Facility Manager
    Project Leader

  • Distribution Supervisor
    Distribution Operations Coordinator
    Logistics Coordinator
    Supply Chain Analyst
    Process Manager
    Distribution Center Associate
    Warehouse Associate
    Terminal Superintendent
    Delivery / Bulk Merchandiser
    Human Resources Manager
    Supply Chain Engineering Manager
    Regional Transportation Manager
    Warehouse Supervisor
    Distribution Supervisor
    Productivity / Training Manager

  • Fulfillment Center Supervisor
    Transportation / Operation Manager
    Regional VP- Fulfillment & Delivery Operations
    Logistics Delivery Operator
    Business Development Manager Warehouse Solutions
    Warehouse Manager
    Inventory Supervisor
    Breakdown & Logistics Supervisor (2nd Shift)
    Operations Supervisor
    Assistant Manager of Operations
    Safety - Transportation & Facility
    Service Vehicle Driver
    Logistics Analyst
    Logistics Engineer

  • Shipping and Receiving Associate
    Database Administrator
    Director of Transportation& Logistics

  • Process Manager(3rd shift)
    Terminal Superintendent
    Freight Agent / Broker
    Regional Transportation Manager
    Regional Transportation Manager
    Transportation Broker
    Distribution Supervisor
    Logistics Manager
    Delivery Drivers
    Transportation Dispatcher
    Security Guards

    Transportation Manager
    Logistics Manager
    Warehouse Supervisor
    Operations Manager
    Technical Product Support Specialist-Fluid Power
    Sr. Supervisor

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GFM BULGARIA EOOD is committed to deliver cost effective oil industry jobs, oil industry recruitments in several work areas of the Oil and Gas Industry, which includes placement of personnel in Logistics and Distribution who are sourced through our established network with other industries. 
Some of the advantages that we have over other players in the manpower recruitment field are:

  • Vast pool of candidate in all profiles, right from consultation for the oil and gas industry to the final distribution.
  • Experienced and efficient staff to source and deliver manpower. The candidates are tested on several parameters that are considered important for the petrochem and Oil&Gas sector.
  • Cost effective and less time consuming recruitment process

While continually striving to improve ourselves and the services we provide, we have built up an envious network of trusted business partners who are testimonial to the quality of services we provide. We endeavor to continue providing you optimum manpower solutions with our latest and cost effective methods.